Thursday, October 1, 2009

Zucchini Bread ?

Sometimes when you try something new and strange very good things happen. Other times, not. This time, definitely not. Who ever heard of zucchini bread taking 24 hours, anyway? It's supposed to be a quick bread, right? You see slightly shriveled zukes in the fridge and for tea time there's warm zucchini bread. None of this soak your flour in yoghurt overnight and leach your zucchini for an hour. I don't care how much easier it is to digest. And then for the loaf to collapse in a partially done mess after an hour and a half in the oven!? I am not impressed. So next time I will find Grandma Reedy's tried and true recipe in my mom's recipe book under either 'B' for bread, 'Z' for zucchini, or somewhere else entirely for reasons known only to my sister who put it together lo those many years ago. I guess I learned, again, that wheels (and quick breads) need not be reinvented.

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Susan said...

I read this to your Grandmother and she was delighted to know you will use her recipe. She misses you all so much. And sends her love.